Spearfishing is like spear hunting underwater. If you dive and enjoy fishing or hunting, you will want to try this out. It can be a great way to change up your typical weekend outing, and a new sport where you can meet friends. But there are a few tips and precautions you will want to take before you go out. Let’s talk about some spearfishing tips to help you get started in this sport.


To perform well in any new activity, you will need the right gear. For spearfishing, you don’t want to skimp on the products.

  • Speargun: There are two types: pneumatic and band powered. Band are the most popular, they are silent and easy to maintain.
  • Wetsuit: You can go in a normal bathing suit, but you will likely want to sport a wetsuit to stay more comfortable and avoid cuts, scrapes, or jellyfish stings.
  • Mask: Your mask is everything! If you can’t see the fish, you will never catch any. Make sure this mask won’t allow water in. Try looking for a low volume mask.
  • Snorkle: Since you are free diving, you will need a snorkle when you resurface. You don’t want to have to pick your head up out of the water each time you need air.
  • Fins: These are crucial for helping you fight the current and get where you need to go.
  • Knife: This is a key tool to have. It is useful for defending yourself, or killing a speared fish that is still struggling.
  • Weight belt: If you plan to dive deep, you will need this to help keep you from floating up.
  • Spears & Points: You should pick certain ones depending on the type of fish you are going after. If you need harder penetration, use tri-cut points. For delicate skinned fish you should use pencil-nose points.
  • Line: The shooting line is determined by the species you are hunting. For big game, you will need cables. For other species, monofilament or nylon lines will do.